• Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

    Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

    We integrate more than 30 brand functional food raw materials and supply chain management worldwide, build bridges between customers and upstream suppliers, optimize costs, create maximum value, in order to provide you with "quality, safety, efficacy" service assurance.
  • R&D and Innovation

    R&D and Innovation

    Lithy has various mature formulations and domestic/foreign invention patents, which provide a solid foundation for safe, effective and sustainable development of product production. At the same time, the group has set up a multi-disciplinary R&D team, with professional and technical qualifications, bachelor's, master's and doctor's degree from well-known universities. Through strong resource integration ability and formula expertise, R&D center can provide customized overall solutions for customers.
  • High Standard Intelligent Production

    High Standard Intelligent Production

    Lithy has a production and warehousing area of 15,500 m2. The whole process of production management uses PLM (product life cycle management) system, ERP enterprise resource planning system, MES (manufacturing execution system). From business contracts, order processing, raw material selection, R&D and design, process planning to production and manufacturing, product packaging, quality inspection, product delivery, warehousing and transportation, operation and maintenance services, Lithy realizes the digitization and intellectualization of product visualization and data structure.
  • Production Quality Management

    Production Quality Management

    Lithy has a complete production management and quality control management system, with international certification such as Good Practice Specification (GMP), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), Food Safety Management System (ISO22000), equipped with advanced PLM, ERP, MES production management system. Our product quality is well-known in the industry, and we have OEM customers include many international well-known enterprises.
  • Global Market Insight Analysis

    Global Market Insight Analysis

  • Multiple Services and Support

    Multiple Services and Support

    Lithy provides industry frontier information, focuses on product innovation and brand market analysis, marketing planning, formulation design, laws and regulations consultation, production guidance, OEM/ODM/OBM, mobile marketing services, channel promotion, strategic planning implementation, market development & maintenance, in order to achieve enterprise value growth.