Brand Functional Food Raw Material Supply Service

Lithy One-Health Group has established global brand alliances with more than 30 internationally renowned functional food raw material brands in 12 countries, including US UNIGEN, Japan ASAHI and Ichimaru, CHR HANSEN and Bionap from Europe, Korea AMICOGEN, Indian Ambe and Arjuna, to serve more than 1,000 business customers (including many top 500 enterprises).

The alliance actively participates in the formulation of industry quality grade standards. Also, we are committed to promoting the in-depth cooperation of international food raw material industry resources and capital market, as well as integrating resources of enterprises, markets, capital, media and channels. The alliance will develop into the platform for communication, promotion, cooperation and development of the industry. The alliance gives full play to "the power of market development", "the power of alliance" and "the power of sustainability" to provide brand building and promotion services for products and to create world brand services for enterprises.