Intelligent Health Management Platform

Since its establishment in 2002, Lithy One-Health Group has accumulated a large number of health information data for different groups of people while providing overall solutions for health products for more than 1000 business customers. Lithy Intelligent Health Management Platform establishes relevant health assessment model on this basis. Through comprehensive analysis of users' health behavior, physical indicators, physical examination reports and other data, and according to each user's behavior habits, we can formulate health behavior promotion plan, which guides users to improve bad diet and life from multiple dimensions such as healthy diet, nutrition supplement, sleep, exercise providing users with precise nutrition and health programs.


The Group establishes a professional R&D team with the professional titles of doctors, pharmacists, health managers and nutritionists, combines big data + artificial intelligence technology + personalized health management cloud platform, innovatively quantifies healthy lifestyle through targeted behavior guidance, effectively improves people's health literacy, and promotes the national strategy of “people's health first”.