Brand Operation Management Service

Lithy One-Health Group provides brand localization operation service to the raw material supplier. Guided by customer demand, through Lithy’s strong sales network and marketing channel resources, and the professional team strength of Lithy Brand Operation Center, we can open up not only the channels of propaganda and promotion for the raw brand side, but also the fast channels of marketing channels and brand operation mode, therefore we can effectively reduce costs, shorten the investment return cycle, expand market share, operating the raw brand locally and guaranteeing their barrier-free launching.

Lithy One-Health Group Brand Operating Center is a brand service organization specializing in brand operation and promotion of health nutrition food and related products in health industry. The center has more than ten years of practical experience in marketing. It provides business solutions including brand construction, product innovation and marketing promotion, planning and execution, market development and maintenance, marketing operation outsourcing and other integrated brand operations for many enterprise users , through the authorized operation of brand products, brand product agent, OEM/ODM/OBM and other forms, therefore enhancing business development space for enterprises and creating maximum brand value.